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Most Common Roofing Problems A House Encounters

There are a myriad of problems a homeowner has to face regarding the health of his/her home roof. In case of such a problem, a roof needs minor repairs or complete replacement. It all depends upon the severity of the problem or damage caused to the existing structure. Here in Pasadena, CA, there are experts in roofing that can help understand your problem, and devise credible solutions. They can be called to identity and address the issue concerning your house roof. The most common problems that are to be seen in an aging and old structure are as following:

Leaks at Many Places

Leaking of roofs is a common phenomenon. It happens due to severe weather conditions and improper maintenance or faulty repair work. Therefore, you need to determine the exact cause of the leak. It can be due to a non-functional gutter system, water accumulation, algae or heavy snow. Or, it can happen due to constant exposure to heat and sunlight.


Punctures are caused mainly due to some heavy objects or sharp pointed tools dropping on the roof. It can also be caused due to the damage sustained at the time of removing HVAC panels. Or, it can also be caused when some heavy tree branches fall on your roof or any animal like a deer or a bear gets up on the roof. Such damages can be prevented by installing hardened roofing materials, like flat concrete roofs.

Low Quality Sealant

If the sealant material that is used around the joints, crevices and corners are of sub-standard quality, it tends to crack during the arid summer months or wear out during rains. Thus water seeps through the cracks and holes.

Faulty Flashing

A roof’s flashing is installed on the continuous joints, edges, crevices, gaps, corners and around pipe or chimney exhaust collars. Over the time, this flashing tends to become weak, loose and develop large gaps. Thus, enabling water, snow and other stuff to get inside your house. So, a flashing must be checked and repaired by expert Pasadena roofers and roofing contractors that have years of experience.

Substandard Repairs

If the repair job done to your house is of low quality, it can cause leaks, cracks, faults and fissures to develop after a short time. Even the quality of roofing material used in the repair & replacement work holds great significance. So, you need to hire the services of professional roofing contractors in Pasadena, CA, to successfully execute any home roofing project.

Clogged Gutters, Drains & Water Outlets

When the drainage of gutter becomes clogged or blocked due to the accumulation of debris, dirt, leaves, twigs and other foliage, the roof surface becomes weak, and develops pores and holes. Thus, you need to regularly check the gutters installed on your roof, and ensure a free and smooth passage.

Debris & Vegetation

When a roof lies neglected for years, a lot of debris, waste material, dirt and natural vegetation tends to develop and grow on the surface. This damages a roof to an extent that is beyond repairs. The growth of algae, moss and grass delops pores and holes. The surface material gets eroded. Thus, you need to go for a repair & replacement work of a certain patch or portion.


So, if you go through these common problems and issues regarding your roof, and take precautionary measures beforehand, it can help prevent any major or critical damage to the overhead structure.