Roof Replacement in Pasadena

A complete roofing material replacement for enhancing the strength, style and looks of your home exteriors, especially the roof that has grown old and needs immediate change.

We’re a local roofer, specializing in replacing aging materials on a rooftop that has become dilapidated, worn-out, damaged, torn and have gone literally missing after a storm, heavy rain or hail. As a residence grows old, the roof shows signs of damage in the form of weak spots, discoloration, erosion, corrosion, cupping, curling, water ponding and missing portions. This is exactly when you need to think of a full roof replacement service in order to give the roof its original strength and look.

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A Full Roof Replacement For Restoring The Original Strength

Well, a roof replacement is the only solution left, when your roof is completely gutted, blown away by a storm or fully damaged. At Amado Roofing, we help homeowners get a newly replaced roof, in place of its existing one, which is able to last for years and generations to come. In this way, a home is able to portray or ooze out a stylish look from its exteriors, with a full roof replacement, after many years. Moreover, an old roof replacement in order to restore its original strength and structural integrity, which was missing till now. Therefore, we would always suggest you replace your aging overhead structure and components, after it has served its life. Why not get your roof replaced well on time, in order to save the critical structures from further damage and deterioration. Especially, when there’s a heavy Tornado storm, the Asphalt shingles and tiles are blown away by the impact of the gusting wind. This is when you need to replace the materials on your aging roof, with something new and improved that is able to last for another generation. This is how a roof replacement service in Pasadena works out, when you’re hiring us for your roofing project at home. We ensure that your aging roof is replaced in a proper and effective manner. You can always think of calling us at 626-988-6978 and get new ideas about your project.

Roof Replacement For Different Materials and Types

Whether it is a cool roof, TPO roof or a flat roof, we’re well experienced in working with all roof types. Be it Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, clay baked tiles, concrete tiles, wooden shingles or metal panels, we replace all of them, when their shelf-life has expired. A roof replacement in Pasadena, CA, or in any other city is a cumbersome task, as it involves tearing down the old and replacing it with a new one. And, if the existing material is a heavy and cumbersome one like slate or metal panels, it involves a good amount of effort for tearing down the old materials, and replacing them with a new one. So, when you’re working with an experienced roofer like us, you needn’t worry about the outcome of one such extensive project at home, as we replace all the existing damaged materials in a professional and effortless manner , without causing any damage to the adjoining roofing structures. This is how a roof is able to last for years, once being fully replaced by an experienced contractor like us. Whether it is the lightweight Asphalt shingles or the heavier concrete tiles, we replace them in a perfect manner. This is how a roof is able to last for years, with very little maintenance, if the replacement job is done by a professional and the material is of the highest quality. You can contact us for FREE quotes to compare with other contractors.

Replacing All The Damaged Portions And Faulty Materials

It is imperative and always advised to replace all the damaged materials on a roof that is no longer able to sustain the extremes of weather conditions. Similarly, patches on a roof where the materials have gone missing after a storm, must be replaced with new ones, in order to restore the Status Quo. This is how an aging roof is made to last for years. As soon as the damage is visible on the surface, you need to replace the tiles, shakes, shingles & metal panels of the same variety. A full replacement is only required when the present condition of the materials are beyond any kind of repair work. This is only when you need to think about a Pasadena roof replacement project, else a repair work or patchwork can definitely solve the problem for some more months, and thereby help save your money. So, why not go for replacing all your fully damaged materials that are beyond any kind of restoration and renovation work, giving your roof, as well as home exteriors that brand-new appeal. In this way, you can expect the right appreciation for your property, by getting all the old roofs replaced on-time, without waiting for the damage to engulf your structure, wooden framework and home interiors.

Types of Roof Replacement Services

As a certified and licensed roofing company in Pasadena, we replace all kinds of roofs. It can be a flat roof, metal roof, wooden roof, tile roof or Asphalt shingle roof. With our vast project expertise, we’re able to replace old, worn-out and storm damaged roofs. This makes us a trusted roofer, for all roof types, structures & framework.

Shingle Roof Replacement Wooden Roof Replacement
Tile Roof Replacement Cool Roof Replacement
Flat Roof Replacement TPO Roof Replacement
Metal Roof Replacement Flashing Replacement
Slate Roof Replacement Underlayment replacement

Benefits of Roof Replacement Services

A residential roof replacement is able to provide structural integrity to an aging roof that had become old & weak, due to constant exposure to the elements. Once a roof is fully replaced, it not only provides strength, structural integrity, robustness and style to a house, but also helps in increasing the resale value of a property. A roof, when installed and replaced newly, is able to withstand the furies of Mother nature for another generation. If the asphalt shingles or tiles that have been replaced, it would go on to last for 18-20 years, or if the slates and metal panels have been replaced, it can well last for another 40-50 years, which is fairly one generation to come. This is how a full roof replacement has its own share of benefits, as the tiles, shingles, shakes, slates and metal sheets that are replaced, help a home exterior look stylish and give the existing structure, the added strength and robustness. It is therefore advised to go for a roof replacement, if your old roof is no longer in a position to be restored any further. This is how you’re able to save your home interiors from weather-related damages and at the same time provide your home exteriors with a revamped and upgraded look.

Why Hire Us?

It is simply because of our years of experience in changing & replacing old roofs of houses that have suffered extensive weather damage or those which have aged considerably. Our understanding of the root cause and quick implementation, easily makes us the preferred roofer, when it comes to replacing storm damaged or missing roof portions. Most importantly, our team of planners, architects, installers, roofing system engineers and structural designers help replace all kinds of roofs in different materials. Whether it is a flat roof, cool roof, TPO roof or a metal roof made from corrugated steel sheets, we’ve specialists in this roofing service domain that offer the desired solutions. Everything is carried out in a swift manner, so that the problem does not extend to other areas of the roof, including the wooden framework. This is why a majority of Pasadena homeowners choose our customized solutions, when it comes to a full roof replacement with improved quality materials and by using the latest techniques.

FAQs About Roof Replacement in Pasadena

First, we remove the existing shingles & structure, ensure there’s proper flashing around the chimney collar & roof joints, then install underlayment, thereafter install the new roofing material, clean up the place and carry out a final inspection.

You need to go through the list of companies on Houzz, Angie’s List or Yelp, and look through the customer reviews and feedback, before selecting any one for your project. Else, you can ask for local references from your neighbor, friend or colleague.

After you’ve carried out routine inspections by professionals and roofing experts, at least twice a year. This is how any problem can come to notice, and fixed immediately, before the problem worsens. There can be issues like leakages in the form of cracks, holes and punctures on the surface or in the joints.

Once Amado Roofing begins to work on your home project, it takes an average of 15-18 days to complete any roof replacement work, unless your residence is huge and has suffered extensive roof damage, apart from having an unconventional roof design.

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