10 Questions to Ask While Choosing a Certified Roofing Contractor

Installing a new roof or repairing an existing roof, it can work out to be quite an investment. So, you need to partner with qualified, licensed and trusted roofing companies that can provide professional solutions for all your residential roofing needs. Here in Pasadena, CA, you can check out the credentials of some leading roofers that have all the Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation for working on any mega project. But, in order to shortlist the eligible roofing contractor, you need to ask some important questions that can help narrow down your choice. These are some of the questions.


Have you got all the Insurance coverage? – Your local roofer in Pasadena, CA, should carry all the insurance to provide your home the required compensation for any untoward damage or accident caused during the roofing project at your property. This is a sort of a protection cover against unforeseen risks. Sort of a risk management effort.


Which Roofing materials are to be used? – Ask your roofer about the choice and quality of roofing materials that are to be used at the home project. Whether you want to stick to the existing material, or go for installing much more advanced materials that are leak proof and damp proof.


Will you provide a written work estimate? – You need to ensure that your local roofing contractor in Pasadena, CA, provides a written estimate of the work description. It should consist of the accurate description of roofing work that is to be performed.


Do you comply with all the state building codes? – Your local roofer should be aware and best comply with all the building codes of the state of California.


Can you provide me with a list of local references? – Ask your roofer for some information regarding previous clients or references with whom you can check-out on the quality of work and whether they are satisfied with the services.


Will you perform an on-the-spot inspection? – In addition to checking for storm damage, your local roofer should be able to perform an extensive inspection of the entire roofing system, including the Flashing, gutter/drainage, pipes, tiles, shingles, chimney collar, deck, attic and other roof penetration points.


Will you perform checks for ventilation? – Your roofing contractor should perform checks for attic ventilation & insulation, and make you understand the importance of ventilation in roofing. This includes checking the roof from inside, and carrying out the necessary roof repair in Pasadena, CA, wherever the ventilation seems damaged or defunct.


Will you install a roof underlayment? – A roofer will always install a ‘synthetic’ underlayment on the deck of the roof, which will act as the first layer of protection, against the natural elements like rain, snow, wind or moisture. It can also help prevent leaks, molds and stop water absorption that can damage the wooden framework or aluminum structure.


Will you install water & snow barriers? – Based on the weather conditions you reside in, you need to ask about installing such useful weather barriers between the roof deck and the shingles. It can help prevent ice melted water and wind infested rain from entering the house interiors, even if it is with full force. 


Will you explain the functioning of my roofing system? – Your roofer should provide a thorough explanation of how your newly installed roofing system is going to work. How all the materials and components are going to function, after the roof installation in Pasadena, CA, is complete.


These important questions can certainly clear certain doubts in your mind regarding a roofing service, and what needs to be asked to a local contractor, for ensuring quality and on-time project delivery.