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A locally certified roofer for installing new residential roofs, as well as repairing & replacing old roofs that have become damaged due to extremes of weather and aging.

We’re a veteran roofing company based out of Pasadena, CA, specializing in repairing damaged roofs, replacing old materials, installing solar power systems and performing extensive roof inspections. In this way, we’re able to provide a life-extension for an aging home roof that has turned old, and needs extra care and attention to help it last for another generation. This is how a roofing system is made to withstand the furies of Mother nature through our restoration & renovation.


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Starting from roof repair to a new construction installation, our structural engineers, designers, architects and handyman workers are able to build a new roof, as well as restore an old roof, making it look new again. The services include a repair work through patchwork, re-roofing, crack sealing, leak fixing and full overlay. Then, replacement of Asphalt shingles, tiles, slates, cedar shakes, metal panels and other roofing components. Also performing roof inspection after a storm, wind, hail, rain or snow. New roof installation at a residential construction site, whereas solar panel systems installation for making any residence fully self-sufficient in its daily energy needs and help reduce its electricity bills. For more information, call Amado Roofing at 626-988-6978, and we would be more than happy to answer all your roofing related queries. We also offer FREE quotes to compare with other roofing contractors and roofers in town. A local roofing contractor in Pasadena, CA, that knows everything about restoring a damaged roof and replacing an old roof with new materials, subsystems and components. This is how we go about providing quality roofing services and workmanship.

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A roof repair consists of fixing any faults with the materials, structure, system and components. It can be an emergency leak repair after a rain, rot & rust treatment, crack sealing, re-roofing or roof restoration through surface painting, tile change and using adhesives & nails. It also involves repairing torn or uprooted flashing, dislodged Asphalt shingles & shakes, treating ‘cupping’ & ‘curling’ issues of shingles, water pooling & ponding problems. This is how an old roof is given a life-extension for a few more months, till a complete solution is found out. In repair work, we look into the aspects of the main roofing materials, the joints, underlayment, rusted nails, chimney collar and the gaps, holes, punctures and fissures from where the water leakage happens. This is how the problem of a leaking roof is solved through an expert intervention and the overhead structure and its materials are made to last for another season.

It consists of replacing the damaged or missing Asphalt shingles, tiles that are broken, cedar shakes, slates and metal panels that need to be immediately replaced with new ones. We first inspect the rooftop, and thereafter go for changing the materials. It mostly happens with roofs that are made of lightweight Asphalt shingles & clay baked tiles that after some years tend to break, get damaged or blown away due to the impact of a storm, hail or string wind. So, maybe after 10-15 years, such types of roofs require a partial or full replacement, depending upon the extent of damage and condition. A full roof replacement with new and improved quality materials is definitely a great way to give your aging home that stylish look from its exteriors, and at the same time provide the kind of strength and robustness to the overhead structure that protects the family from the elements outside.

It is an extensive and thorough inspection of a rooftop that helps find even the smallest crack, hole, leak, fissure or puncture that can pour in water and dust particles inside the house. This is how an inspection is beneficial to detect any problem or fault, and initiate corrective action, on-the spot. In this way, a home roof is made to last for years, through preventative maintenance, after any minor or major issues are detected through a roof inspection process. Be it the tiles, wooden framework, flashing, underlayment, eavestrough, downspouts for gutter, there are company experts assigned for the job of a full roof inspection, especially after a storm or once a year, when a roof becomes old and outdated. Through an inspection, the life of a roof can be extended. Therefore an on-time roof inspection becomes necessary for an old home that is clearly showing signs of roof damage and deterioration.

A renewable energy system installation on a rooftop is required to help a residence become 100% self-sufficient in its daily energy requirements, as the rooftop solar panels are able to generate the amount of electricity required at any place. In this way, your dependance on the power grid is reduced to a considerable extent, and its immediate advantages can be seen through the significantly less electricity bills that you receive at the end of the month from your power distribution company. In this way, households in California are able to make a significant saving on their energy bills, which amount to a few thousand dollars every year. And, with our expertise in solar panel installation, we can easily help make a home self-reliant in its daily energy needs. Whether its a new system installation or maintaining an existing solar system on a rooftop, we install energy-efficient panels that last long, with little maintenance.

Types of Roofs We Work On

A certified, insured & licensed roofer in Pasadena, CA, specialized in working on all roof types. It can be a flat roof, metal roof, cedar shakes roof, tile roof or Asphalt shingles roof. With vast project experience, we’re able to repair & replace storm, snow or hail damaged roofing materials, including that of TPO roofs & cool roofs. This makes us a ‘top-rated’ roofing contractor for all roof types and materials. Let’s understand the different types of materials that we work on, and how our customized solutions help homeowners that desire a highly professional roofing work. .

Asphalt Shingle Roofs Slate & shake roofs
Baked Tile Roofs Wooden shingle roofs
Flat Roofs TPO roofs
Metal Roofs Cool roofs

FAQs About Roofing Services in Pasadena

This set of commonly asked questions & answers can help get a better understanding or insight about our roofing services, timeline & processes.

Certainly! Any kind of structural modifications, home extension or new addition to the existing structure would require a city permit from the local government authorities.

Roofing contractors must be licensed to work on projects in California. Roofing contractors fall under the Class C Specialty Contractors License Classifications issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board.

Always hire a specialist for a roof repair, new installation or a replacement. It involves a lot of measurements and construction work. Therefore, it is not advisable to go for a roof repair or replacement in a ‘DIY’ manner. There are added risks too.

You need to go through the list of roofers on Houzz, Angie’s List or Yelp, and look through the customer reviews and feedback, before selecting any one for your project. Else, you can ask for local references from your neighbor, friends or colleagues.

After you’ve carried out routine inspections by professionals and roofing experts, at least twice a year. This is how any problem can come to notice, and fixed immediately, before the problem worsens. There can be issues like leakages in the form of cracks, holes and punctures on the surface or in the joints.

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    Amy Thomas


    I would definitely recommend Amado Roofing. We used them to replace our roof and they did it in in record time! The job was to tear off half of existing roof down to rafters & replace roof deck, re-shingle the entire roof, replace the gutters, and add insulation to go from R9 to R28. Their cleanup was spectacular. They listened to my concerns and what we needed done.

    Emma Wills


    I recently used Amado Roofing to replace 2 roofs on my investment properties so that I could sell them, and they are also doing some repairs on my residence roof. Johnny and the crew were fantastic through the whole process and made it so easy for me. They handled everything with my insurance company and worked to get the best estimate and coverage possible.