Getting a Roof Repair Work Done During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Is it feasible thinking about a new roof repair in Covid-19 pandemic? In the majority of cases, the answer would be a ‘Yes’. It all depends upon the city, region or state you reside, where Covid restrictions are in- place. Since roofing comes within the construction activity industry, it falls under the ‘essential business category’. In the city of Pasadena, CA, there are local roofing contractors that can help you understand the technicalities involved in one such extensive and complex home construction work, so that you can be prepared accordingly. Therefore, let’s understand how you can get a new roof or a repair work done to your existing structure, during this pandemic.


You Cannot Afford to Delay a Roof Repair & Replacement 

A strong, sturdy and robust roof plays an important role to protect your family from the elements outside. So, if there’s a leak, crack, broken tiles or missing Asphalt shingles, it should be immediately repaired with quality roofing materials. Here, you can contact one of the veteran roofing contractors in Pasadena, CA, for the job. You need to look into these critical issues and problems, before hiring one. 


  • * Leakages
  • * Water damage, cracks & gaps
  • * Mold & fungus infestations
  • * Broken tiles & missing shingles
  • * Loose flashing material, nuts & bolts


You can ask your local roofing company in Pasadena, CA, about the different finance options available, and whether they are fully insured, and have Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. You need to ensure that the contractor follows all the safety & hygiene protocols during the time of Covid-19 pandemic. The company should follow safe distancing of workers, sanitization of the workplace and also provide a medical report of all the professionals working on your home project. It is because, during the course of roof repairs in Pasadena, CA, they might have to access your home interiors, where you’re presently staying for certain measurements.


7 Important Steps Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

    • 1. Research – perform a thorough research online by going through the customer reviews and feedbacks on Yelp, Houzz & Angie’s List of all residential roofers in Pasadena, CA


    • 2. Contact a local roofing contractor via email, phone or chat, and ask for a virtual meet-up to know more about its services, working process and professionalism.


    • 3. During the virtual meeting, ask questions about material type, color, price, time-frame, design, structural framework and quality of construction. You can also ask about complete roof replacement in Pasadena, CA, and the estimated cost incurred for one such complex project.


    • 4. Ask your local city-based roofer whether they’re going to use 3D design & rendering for mapping the layout, so there’s no scope for measurement errors and flaws.


    • 5. If it is possible, then you can provide your roofing contractor with the videos and photographs of your roof damage via email, so that they can understand the problem in a better way.


    • 6. Onc the contractor has finalized the new roofing design & feasibility study, they can contact you via an email or phone, so that you can review it from the comforts of your house, without having to venture out and meet the professionals, during this era.


  • 7. Finally, you need to carry out all the contract signing & documentation via email and learn what are the electronic payment options that the contractor is comfortable with.


Once all these things are finalized, you’re good to start working on your home roofing project which was much delayed due to the fear of the spreading pandemic. But not anymore, by following all the safety protocols and guidelines. What do you think?